Each of these stars tells you the GREATEST LOVE LESSON they've ever learned! IN ADDITION, each star tells you "Ten Ways To Make Me Love You" AND you get, as a bonus, a huge, loveable signed pinup of each star!
EACH of these stars personally and privately reveals to you the one most important and unforgettable "lesson in love" they have learned in their lifetime. Also, each star personally reveals to you his own private list of 10 Ways To Make Me Love You! IN ADDITION - 16's All-Star Love Story Book contains a super-beautiful, brand new exclusive full-page autographed portrait of each star. WOW! What more could a girl want?!
To get this smashing book, just fill in the coupon, cut it out and mail it to the address on the coupon - with a one dollar bill attached. Yes, just one dollar will get you 16's All Star Love Story Book! So hurry that coupon (and your dollar) on it's way today!


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