SOMEWHERE in this wide, wide world there is a girl waiting just for me. I believe this with all my heart -because, you see, I too am waiting . . . waiting for her. So far, I haven't even laid eyes on her, but I know exactly what she looks like. And I know exactly what she is like -because this is the girl I love; this is my bird.
May I tell you about her? I want to very much, because deep down inside of me a small voice keeps whispering, "Maybe she's out there among 16's millions of teen readers! Maybe she's reading these words, right now! And maybe she'll write to you and tell you all about herself - and you'll know, you'll just know, the two of you, that you were meant for each other."
This, then, is written to you - with the hope that you are the one. And just so you'll know what I mean by the one, I will tell exactly how I feel about the girl I dream about . . . what she looks like and what she is like.
She is blonde, and she is brunette. Her eyes are blue, and brown, and turquoise - oh, many colors. She is tall (but no taller than I am), and medium, perhaps even a trifle short. She is pretty, and not really pretty - physically -at all.
Are you confused? You needn't be. What 1 am saying is that it is completely unimportant to me whether her hair is black, brown, red or golden; whether her eyes are every color of the rainbow; whether she stands five feet six inches or five feet three inches; whether she is radiantly beautiful or somewhat plain. What I see in my dreams - and what I look for wherever I go - is that special face that glows with honesty, integrity, grace and dignity . . . a natural face, unmarked with heavy make-up, but with just a touch of cosmetics to emphasize the natural loveliness of her inner beauty. For inner beauty is lasting beauty - and that is the quality of beauty I seek in the girl I want to be my bird.
I do want a beautiful girl, you see; but beautiful beneath the skin - good and generous and intelligent and articulate - because these are the qualities that transform a girl whatever she may lack in physical beauty. They leap to the eye and enchant the ear and leave a lingering impression that surface beauty alone can never match. Naturalness is the key, of course. Only a natural human being is a lovely human being; a girl who deliberately imagines
  that she is someone else - a popular star, perhaps - and copies the other's personality and mannerisms is hurting herself much more than she knows, for whatever she says and does is affected. And no man (myself included) wants a carbon copy; he wants the real thing.
The girl I want for my very own is lovely from the inside. She is sensitive - and she is understanding. Let me repeat that: she is understanding. To someone in show business, like me, an understanding girl is a very precious person. Show business is a demanding, hectic and unpredictable mistress - and every entertainer needs an enormously understanding mate who is not jealous of the time he (or she) spends away from home in pursuit of a successful career and does not complain about it or make an issue of it.
The girl I want to be my bird will be in love with me, Peter Noone - as well as with Herman, up there on the stage. Because there is a great difference between Peter Noone and Herman (although I hope you're fond of them both!). In my private life, away from the stage lights and the music and the crowds, I do not carry on in the way I perform when I want to please my (and the Hermits') fans. My personality is quite different - and I need someone who appreciates the difference, and who loves both Peter and Herman. Since Herman spends so much time in the glittering world of show business, Peter is fond of getting away from it in the company of a few close friends with whom he can talk about many things, and listen to records, and enjoy a casual snack at home or in an out-of-the-way café. The girl I want for my own must take naturally to this private part of my life - and enjoy it fully as much as she enjoys seeing me perform in public.
Last, but by no means least, the girl who is waiting for me is trusting. She would know, instinctively, that I loved her and needed her even if my work took me to the other side of the world. Trust and understanding are the only weapons a married couple have to combat the separations and gossip of show business. But if two people have them, and a strong love to weld them together, nothing can ever come between them.
If you are that special someone waiting somewhere, please be my bird. Tell me who you are and where you are - for I too am waiting... waiting for you.

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