A WOODEN MARIONETTE that looks like a boy, but with a giant nose that grows longer - AND LONGER. Who can it be? Pinocchio, of course! And right behind him, carrying chisel and mallet, hurries Gepetto, the aged wood-carver.
    Pinocchio and Gepetto, along with the Blue Fairy, the Whale, and all the other delightful characters of Carlo Collodi's classic story will be coming your way on NBC-TV during the Christmas season. They will appear in a special 90-minute musical version of Pinocchio in color.
    Peter Noone of the British singing group, "Herman's Hermits," will be Pinocchio. Gepetto will be played by Burl Ives, and Anita Gillette will play the Blue Fairy. Gay original songs and dances will help bring this magical story to life.

Lying on Gepetto's workbench, this looks like an
ordinary log - but is it? Could it be magical?

    Gepetto, a lonely wood-carver, is making a marionette, but there is something very peculiar about his log: It moves by itself. When Gepetto carves the features and then joins the limbs to the log, the log begins to talk. To the delightful tune of "Chip Off The Old Block," Pinocchio learns to walk and dance. Gepetto calls him "son."

Gepetto's masterwork, a little boy marionette,
takes shape under his skillful carving.

      Gepetto decides that his son must become a doctor and a justice and a statesman, so he sends him to school. But Pinocchio finds the first day of school difficult. He barely masters the letter "A." Discouraged, he joins a touring company of marionettes the next day. The puppeteer soon throws Pinocchio out for disrupting the show.
    When Gepetto asks him about his second day at school, Pinocchio lies; and his nose grows longer. With each succeeding lie, it grows still longer. The Blue Fairy explains that with some people, "a lie is as plain as the nose on their face." Pinocchio comes to a decision. He will make his fortune so his father will be proud of him and he will never lie to Gepetto again.

Pinocchio has come to life. But he has told a lie -
his first - and his nose has begun to grow and grow.

    Along the way to fortune and fame, Pinocchio has several adventures. He loses his gold and visits the Land of the Runaways.
    Meanwhile Gepetto, sorrowing over the loss of Pinocchio, packs his belongings and sets out in search of his son. His journey ends inside the stomach of Vito Whale; he has been swallowed. Undaunted, Gepetto sets up housekeeping. Poor Vito is very uncomfortable.
    Pinocchio's adventures end in the whale's stomach, too. When Vito takes a big drink of seawater, he inadvertently swallows Pinocchio. Now reunited inside the whale, Pinocchio and Gepetto devise an escape plan.
    When they are safe, Gepetto tells Pinocchio that he realizes how very wrong he has been to demand success from him. Both agree that being one's self is enough for anybody. This knowledge transforms Pinocchio the marionette into Pinocchio the boy.

PINOCCHIO will be a Christmas season present to you from NBC-TV.

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