Herman's Life StoryPeter Blair Denis Bernard Noone, born in Manchester, England on November 5, 1947, is currently and quite commonly known as "HERMAN," leader of the ever-popular singing group, The Hermits. He has come a long way in the twenty years since his birth, beginning as an actor at age 11 and somehow getting involved in the music hall. In an interview with Herman's "mum," Mrs. Denis Noone told us, "You know, of course, that Peter did television when he was only eleven. He was doing a series at the time when he started the singing group." As a matter of fact, Peter has the presence of an actor and he is one person for whom television was really invented ... the yellow hair which is worn in the current fashion but not too long, the sea blue eyes that have the intimacy of clever people, and above all, the wide grin which keeps the eyes from being too adult. Then Mrs. Noone continued, "Since he wanted to leave the show after several years of TV, they had to change the script so Peter could leave without the story being too involved. He'd probably be an actor today if the studio didn't agree to do this," she smiled. But Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone will always be an actor no matter what he does because he's got that special grace which makes him capable of a great variety of personalities ranging from the boy next door to the teacher's secret favorite to the latest rage of the teenage population. It's an interesting and not too well known story how Herman's Hermits were formed.
... Once, a long time ago, in the year 1964, in Manchester, England, a group of young men played at a local youth club. They called themselves the Heartbeats. As all groups eventually do, the group began to change personnel; one boy left because he had another offer; another because he didn't want to play anymore. And so it went until no one remained of the original group but one boy named Karl Green. One night as the group was playing, a boy joined them for a song or two. His effect on the crowd was, to say the least, electric - the young singer had a personality, which immediately established a rapport with the audience. His name? Why, Peter Noone of course! And the name Herman came from a resemblance of Peter to the cartoon character, Sherman of the Bullwinkle Show and the "S" was dropped while Hermits was added for the sing-song rhyme with the name, Herman. It's as simple as that! As a teenager, Peter hung with the wrong crowd, because "there were a lot of things inside of me then I didn't know about, and I didn't know how to let them out." He reveals. "I always wanted to be an entertainer," but "I didn't want to be like my father. I didn't want to make sure everyone's books were in order." Mr. Noone is an accountant and helps Peter with the details of his own music company and a lot of the land which Peter has bought.
    Obviously with all the English groups and sounds around today, the one that stands out from the crowd is HERMAN'S HERMITS, and after reading about Peter Noone, you can easily understand why!

Peter Noone is an extraordinarily talented person and it's about time
the world learned just how many "supah" sides he has.

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