I wish I could stay home all the time says Herman, now in Australia

    FOR most people a trip to some sunny land this time of year would be something to look forward to but the prospect of flying to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore didn't appear to fill Herman with too much excitement.
    "I would like to be in Britain all the time," he explained. "But we all realise how important it is to travel as much as possible in order to become internationally known."
    Already Herman's Hermits have conquered the American and most of the European markets. Now they are setting out to take over the Southern hemisphere.
    Part of the group's export drive involves recording in foreign languages and when I met them at London's Kingsway Studios they were busy cutting two numbers in French.
    Present at the session were managers Harvey Lisberg and Charlie Silverman, producer Mickie Most, French songwriter Danielle Gerard and recording manager Claude Ebrard, who was helping Herman with his French pronounciation.
    Herman was in a glass cage singing merrily when I arrived. Mickie Most was sitting in front of an enormous panel dotted with knobs and switches, while Charlie and Harvey chatted in a corner with the two Frenchmen.
    He looked thoughtful for a moment and then went on: "When we finish this coming tour we'll have been to 13 countries - and that's in 18 months.
    Mickie Most flicked one of the switches on his "dashboard" and into a microphone asked Herman, still singing in the glass box, to repeat the last verse. "The French wasn't quite right," he said.
    "Sorry. I had a frog in my throat," said Herman as he fell about laughing. No one else did.

    The number perfected, Mickie informed everyone that they could go home. Herman appeared in the control room and suggested we went for a meal.
    On the way to the Knightsbridge restaurant. I asked him why it was that whenever his records started climbing, he had to leave the country.
    "It really is impossible to judge when a record's going to get into the chart," he said. "And this tour has been fixed for months. Possibly we should be here to promote it but we have taped quite a few TV spots for transmission while we're away.
    "It's certainly not a case of bad management or mix-ups of any kind. I feel that Herman's Hermits is one of the most fortunate groups around. All the people around us are the best there are."
    "Our agent Danny Betesh, managers Harvey and Charlie and Mickie Most who makes our records - they're all very talented people to work with."

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