1. How would your mother describe you in one word?
HERMAN:   Last
KEITH:        "My boy . . ."
LEK:           Lek
KARL:         Untidy
BARRY:     Son

2. What is your favorite flower?
HERMAN:   Venus Fly Trap
KEITH:        Aspidistra
LEK:           Rose
KARL:         Rose
BARRY:     Rose

3. What is the most insane question you've ever been asked?
HERMAN:   Help me with this one
                    please! I'm a high school
                    drop out!
KEITH:        Why don't you write your
LEK:           This one
KARL:         Does long hair make me
                    play better
BARRY:     Are you a boy or girl

4. If you could change your anem, what would you change it to?
HERMAN:   Fester Bestertester
KEITH:        Tiny Tim
LEK:           Horace
KARL:         Karl Anthony
BARRY:     Jan Barry Batwam

5. What word in the English language do you wish you had invented?
KEITH:        Sleuth
LEK:           Bed
KARL:         Money
BARRY:     Tea

6. What is the first quote that comes to your mind?
HERMAN:   "Sigmund Freud is a fat
KEITH:        "Monkees are loveable."
LEK:           "You only live twice."
KARL:         "To be or not
BARRY:       To be."


7. What animal best describes the kind of girl you'd be interested in?
KEITH:        Koala bear
LEK:           Cat
KARL:         Panther
BARRY:     Cow

8. What do you miss about your childhood?
HERMAN:   Short pants
KEITH:        Getting all muddled up
LEK:           Short Trousers
KARL:         Nothing. I'm still there
BARRY:     Taking days off school

9. In What hour of the day do you function best:
HERMAN:   Between 12 AM and
                    12:05 AM
KEITH:        9 PM
LEK:           9 PM
KARL:         11 PM
BARRY:     Between 12 AM and 11

10. What is the main fault in your character?
HERMAN:   Gullibility
KEITH:        Laziness
LEK:           Cynicism
KARL:         My temper
BARRY:     My character. One big

11. If you met the right girl today, would you propose tomorrow?
HERMAN:   No. On Thursday night
KEITH:        No
LEK:           Yes
KARL:         No!!
BARRY:     No

12. What was your favorite subject in school?
HERMAN:   Biology,Physics,Music,                         4PM
KEITH:        History
LEK:           Mathematics
KARL:         Art
BARRY:     Games

13. Where would you like to live?
HERMAN:   Formosa
KEITH:        By the sea
LEK:           Cheshire, England
KARL:         Where I live now
BARRY:     At home

14. Describe how you kiss in one word.
HERMAN:   Surfboard
KEITH:        Menacingly
LEK:           Impossible
KARL:         Tenderly
BARRY:     Long and wet

15. What in the world do you least desire?
HERMAN:   Acne
KEITH:        Cheese
LEK:           A pyramid
KARL:         A hair cut
BARRY:     Two girlfriends

16. Why do you think most girls date you?
HERMAN:   My beauty and dynamic                       personality (and bad                           complexion!)
KEITH:        Because they are bigger                     than me
LEK:           I haven't a clue
KARL:         For a good time
BARRY:     Most girls do not date me

17. who is your favorite historical figure?
HERMAN:    Mrs. Miller
KEITH:        Horatio Hornblower
LEK:           Napoleon Bonaparte I
KARL:         Henry VIII
BARRY:     37-24-37

18. How many times have you fallen in love?
HERMAN:   Regularly
KEITH:        000002 Receiving
LEK:           Twice
KARL:         Once
BARRY:     Ask Cupid

19. What are your favorite names?
HERMAN:   Ethelred, Fester,
                    Onachim, Godfre,
KEITH:        Anastasia and Benjamin
LEK:           Aluishus, Fred, Bert,
KARL:         Boys: Scott, Gavin.
BARRY:       Laonie

20. Finish this sentence. "Happiness is a thing called..."
HERMAN:   Birth
KEITH:        Me
LEK:           Sought
KARL:         Me
BARRY:     Love

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