PETER NOONE is settling down happily with his beautiful new wife in their Belgravia flat in London. Pop watchers don't see PETER out and about town as often as they used to. Today he says, "Everything that happened before December 31, 1968 is past, we don't think about it anymore.
PETER and his HERMITS have been playing cabaret or club dates in England, but PETER says in the future tours will be out completely. Right now he's mainly interested in playing some dramatic acting roles.
"I'm waiting for the parts to come along. I've seen some scripts, but none that I've been interested in. I don't want a lead part, just a part where I can do some acting. I don't mind what kind of film it is, a war film or something would do, but I don't want those romantic lead parts. And I don't want them to use my name so that they can have me singing the theme song, I'd rather be billed under my real name.

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