When I was little I had one friend. And in school it was that way, too. Now Ive got lots of friends and this is important to me.
    My parents used to always go away together and my sister used to go with them, but I'd just go off with my friends. After I was about ten, this would happen all the time, but I was able to look after myself. They were strict in certain things and very lenient in others. They let me go wherever I wanted.
    When I was about seven someone gave me a toy that I called Mobo Bronkey. It was a horse with things that you push down and when you push down a thing pushes the wheels around like a piston in the engine. This horse was the scourge of the neighborhood but I'll always love it.
    I used to like the Ink Spots as a group. I've got all their old albums. From the time I was able to read I read everything about music in all the magazines.
    I think traveling has helped me more than anything. I've gotten to see so many things that other kids my age haven't. I wish that everyone could travel like I've done.
    Fashion really doesn't bother me much. I choose clothes that will suit me. It doesn't matter if they're in fashion.
    I don't think I can sing like Eric Burdon or John Lennon or Paul McCartney, but I think I'm a good lead singer for Herman's Hermits.
    One thing bad about me is that I'm too extravagant. I just can't help myself spending money. I can never buy one of anything. I've got to buy a few.
    I'm definitely the marriageable type. I want to get married because I love children more than anything else. I want to have a lot. One thing though about going with girls, I'm pretty jealous. This is because I'm a Scorpio and Scorpio people are always jealous. I do a lot of daydreaming.
    My big wish for the future is that there will be a law established that says everyone should be happy all the time.
    Now about me mates, the Hermits.
    First, let me say that all the good things you've heard about them are true and each of them has a special place in my heart. If I were to pick out the things I liked best about each here's what I'd tell you:
KARL: Wherever he is there are girls. Girls just seem to flock around him. And this is great for me because there're always a few extra ones for him to introduce me to.
KEITH: I don't know what I'd do without Keith to talk to. We discuss everything and together have a great time.
BARRY: Barry's always so calm that everything seems to be better when he's around. He's also the smoothest one in our group.
LEK: He's so intelligent he can figure anything out. You can ask lek any question and he always seems to have an answer.

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