You might call November 5, 1947 the finest and most important highlight of my life. I don't remember much about that one though, except that I got whacked and that, of course made me yell.
      Special events stand out in my past, but I also remember, in a general way, certain things I used to do that made life happy and fun. Like - I've always loved playing chess by a fire on a cold night. And I used to enjoy just being with my family. The togetherness we shared - my parents and sisters - was THE important part of my young life.


      When I was seven an Irish girl (who I happened to have my first crush on!) taught me how to ride horses really well. I've enjoyed riding ever since. That was sure a year for horses because I received this toy horse that moved by an engine. It was very important to me, let me tell you! I called him Mobo Bronkey.
      I think everybody in the world remembers his first date - every feeling and word and look that happened. Well, on mine, I really played the Romeo. I took my girl to a little park and just kissed her. Then I took her home in the pouring bloody rain! Funniest thing - I've liked girls ever since, so it must have been a major event!


      My career began when I started attending the Manchester School of Music. I studied acting and singing. The main event of that period was when I sang and acted in "Knight Errant" at fourteen. That was my first public appearance. From then on, show business was it! I appeared in children's plays and on "Coronation Street," a British soap opera.
      The most important stepping stone as far as my career goes, has to be that fateful night when I happened to join a group called the "Heartbeats" for a couple of tunes. I thought they were the grooviest band going and I used to hear them all the time. This was way back in 1964. I just sang with them for a few minutes because the lead singer had left, but I seemed to feel something with the audience.
      Although I'd always loved acting, the feeling I had that night made me realize that singing was really my bag. it filled in what seemed to be missing when I was acting. I can never forget that night.
      Happenings haven't quit since. You might say my whole life's been one big highlight from then on, but that's not fair, is it? Well, I'll try to be specific.


      Each record we've had - from our first, "I'm Into Something Good" through the "Mrs. Brown" thing and so on - each has meant something to me or it wouldn't have been sung. Appearing on TV shows like "The Ed Sullivan Show," "The Danny Kaye Show," "Shindig," "The al Hirt Show," and "The Go! Show" helped me so much.
      I learn from performing and working with all those fab entertainers. And our movies "Hold On" and "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" have been major happenings in our careers. It's a different side of show business and I love every second. But music still comes first!
      Of course, nothing can compete with the thrill of performing onstage. It's kind of like being hypnotized. Each time I feel a special glow when the audience responds.


      Another really super-day was November 5, 1966, my nineteenth birthday. Over 10,000 cards and presents from just everywhere landed right at my doorstep! It really made me feel that it's all been worth it!
      Yet, as much as I enjoy performing - and I finally feel I'm becoming successful at what I love to do most - you know what the most memorable experience of my whole life has been? No, not even having our first record hit the number one slot in four weeks. It was when I saw my baby sister when she was only two hours old!

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