Photo courtesy of the NEW Musical Express
    Herman recently bought his parents a home in Switzerland and every chance he gets now he steals away to this new, secret hideaway. Incidentally, Herman personally decorated the house with an interior decorator. It's definitely a wild place. Herman adores wild colors. His favorite room in the home he rented in Beverly Hills was the flaming red bathroom!
    When Herman's in Hollywood he loves to play. You can usually find him swimming, horseback riding, running from men's shop to men's shop and invading most of the night clubs. When when he's in New York he turns all business. If he's in town for three days he'll spend at least two afternoons at his fan club headquarters reading and often answering fan letters.
    Last November 5th was a big birthday for Herman. He turned 19 and not one fan let him forget it. He received over 10,000 birthday cards and every kind of present from cakes to hand made sweaters. He even received toys for his sisters.
    When presents arrived at the New York fan club, officers put away everything in one room, saving it for Herman to open when he arrived in December. When he finally got there, he opened the door to find a whole room of wild birthday gifts!
    Though Herman receives a lot of presents, he also gives a lot, too. When he goes on a shopping spree, he doesn't buy one shirt or one pair of sunglasses ... but fifteen! He recently bought a mink coat for his mother and one for his little sister, Suzanne! When Pete's home he takes Suzanne everywhere - to his business appointments, shopping, visiting friends ... everywhere! He even had a special seat made for her in his car.
    That's the latest on Herman. You might say - the latest on the greatest!

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