The boy who sang "Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter," and looked for all the world like a wonderful, live teddy bear which you could love and hug was Herman. Now he's gone back to using his real name, Peter Noone, and he's grown up enough to drop his little boy image and assume the attitudes of the young man, which he is. He's also taken on the responsibilities of a young husband by marrying Mireille Strasser on November 5th in England.
    Dry your tears - Herman's marriage shouldn't make you sad. Instead, you should feel a special warmth for someone you like, a flush of pleasure at the knowledge that at last, Peter is happy.
    You see, people in the pop press knew a different Herman a year ago, one they only hinted at and didn't have the heart to tell you.
    Perhaps you saw him, singing his hits and smiling though he didn't feel like it. It began when he didn't put out a hit for several months. Then personal problems and the intense pressures of always being on tour caused him to gain weight - lots of it.
    Almost overnight, Herman was overweight and couldn't lose it. He had to go on stage and sing - when he didn't feel like it. He was in the States, and the long years of show business - when he could have been at home leading a normal life - had turned him into a person who only looked to the next meal, the next airplane trip, the next concert, the next dollar.
    Then Herman went home and straightened out his life. And he met Mireille. She opened his eyes when he'd closed them before. She gave him happiness.
    Now Herman, in his new marriage, has the special joy that comes from being in love and best of all, loved in return.
    He's got the privilege of having someone to talk to and knowing that they want to listen to him, not tune him out or not care about him.
      Herman has the strength that comes from a good marriage, a strength that you might feel if you'd found an abandoned kitten and given it a home.
    He's found that love is a quiet thing, a beautiful thing. He's learned that it's everywhere, when you've found it, like a sunset on a fall evening. It's peaceful, like a bird in flight. Herman has found special qualities in a wife, things about her that no one else had ever discovered. Little secret qualities like the ones you have, the ones you'll only let one person - the one you finally love forever - discover about you.
    Herman's love started in little ways, small words, casual nods of the head. Soon he realized that Mireille was the one he looked forward to sharing his thoughts with, to help when she needed him, to give advice and friendship, to keep her company when she might be lonesome. And in turn, she did all this for him.
    Suddenly, Herman knew that he wasn't alone anymore. The sadness that had haunted him for the past several years had disappeared. He couldn't put his finger on the exact moment that his love for Mireille became a permanent thing (for after all, it's possible to fall briefly in love and then out again). But it happened and he asked Mireille to marry him.
    Now, Herman has the happy feeling that love, and only love, can bring. He found it in a smaller version in love for his family. But no, he has a consuming love between a woman who loves him in return. People who know Herman are happy because he's a different, a joyful person.
    Herman and Mireille realize that they belong together. Their love has found them a place with each other and most importantly for Herman, who's spent the last four years without a home, a place where the two of them can be alone together with only each other, and their love.

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