Before I left lovely London, there were some wild scenes that must be related - like on the film set with HERMAN'S HERMITS. The week before I came back to Hollywood, I went out to the Shepardton Studios about 15 miles outside of London and saw the HERMITS for one crazy afternoon.
    First, they had many surprises for me about their film - like MRS. BROWN is a racing dog! But don't despair, HERMAN falls in love with a lovely girl in the film. Do they get married? Wait and see - that's only one of the many surprise endings of the movie.
    We all had lunch back at their hotel, which used to be a coach inn and the doors were so tiny (people were shorter way back then) that all the boys had to duck down to go through them! After a great lunch, LEK, KARL, KEITH and BARRY couldn't wait to get doutside to play "Concores." That's an English children's game that the HERMITS have gone crazy over. LEK seemed to be the champion that day.

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