1. Would go swimming in a dirty old canal in his hometown, if he were a kid again for just a day.
  2. Would be a reporter for a Salvation Army newspaper, if he could pretend that he was anything in the whole world.
  3. Would like to visit the pyramids of Egypt more than the Eiffel Tower.
  4. Would like to have rescued Lady Anne Boleyn from the "Tower of London" two minutes before she was to be beheaded by the dastardly Henry VIII.
  5. Would like to know where the people he loved were and who had won the soccer league, if he had just been released from a year's isolation.
  6. Would like to talk to Sigmund Freud for an hour and discuss mutual interests.
  7. Would like to spend an entire day inside somebody's head, if he were a microscopic man.
  8. Thinks that the most dangerous thing he could do is to continue living in a glass house.
  9. Says his favorite bird is a gosling (baby goose).
  10. Likes the aroma of wallpaper paste best.
  11. Feels that the most exciting task he could undertake, if he had the time, would be to go to the pole and build an igloo, then give a party for President Nkrumah.
  12. Feels that if he were to write a book with himself as the hero, he could not write about himself until after his death.
  13. Feels that a perfect romantic setting is a canoe on the River Thames.
  14. Feels that a rare Chinese mask is his most valuable possession.
  15. Says his idea of a gentleman is one who says thank you after having his fingers trapped in an elevator door.

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