Men are funny creatures. Try to get them to tell you why they like a certain girl and you get a lot of blank looks. But ask them what they like, and don't like, about girls, in general, and they pull no punches.
Peter Noone admits that girls are a favorite subject of his! When he spent several weeks in Hollywood filming "Hold On!" and in each city he visits, Pete has several girls he calls for dates. He says he likes all sorts of girls, but there are a few limits.
"I wouldn't go out with a girl that was 6' 3" or a girl that was fat and ugly. I just think mostly about people's minds. Mind you, if I think a girl looks lousy, I tell her!"
Someday he wants to get married, but the "right" girl hasn't come into his life yet. He does have some definite ideas on what the "right" girl will be like.
"I'd just like to marry a girl with intelligence. Most girls today are pretty intelligent, about 70 per cent. But I'd never get married to anyone that wanted to work, except for the family. A family is very important to me. That's why I'm working so hard now. I want my kids to be proud of their father."
Because Peter has dated girls all around the world, one might expect him to have a definite preference, but he says in his observant way, "The only difference is the way they speak. There really isn't any difference in girls around the world. Just some girls are more exciting than others."

And if Peter called you for a date, what would he want you to wear, how would he want you to look on that special night? First of all, he scowls, "A lot of make-up is awful, I can't stand make-up. I love bright, seeing eyes. I can't stand icky-looking eyes that look as if a piece of coal was rubbed all over them.
"That stuff on the lashes (mascara) is all right, but I don't like much on the lids." He loves hair worn long, but not when it's straggly and as far as he's concerned it would be a nicer world without stiff hair sprays. "I despise hair sprays! You touch a girl's hair and suddenly it cracks-ugh!"
Peter's pet hate is girls who pull out an assortment of their make-up in public and start touching up shiny noses, smeared eye liner and smudged lipstick.
"Those horrible faces they pull, with their tongues sticking out all over the place, I think it looks terrible!" On the plus side with Peter, though, are very short skirts and trouser outfits.
When Pete takes a girl out, he enjoys going to somewhere quiet where they can talk. In a relationship, Pete prefers to take the dominant part and always likes to pick out the places they will go.
Does he like to be pampered by his date? "Sometimes I do, yes. Sometimes I need to be, but then again, sometimes I hate it. That's the sort of person I'd marry, someone who could tell."
It appears that in each section of the world, Peter is a different person.
"When I'm home in Manchester, I do completely different things. I go out with me parents, because I hardly go home at all. I also take me sister and brother-in-law out. And when I go out on me own, I go to a different sort of club than I would go to when I'm in another country."
While Peter was in Hollywood he especially enjoyed staying in their rented home high above the Sunset Strip in the Hollywood hills.
"When I'm in Hollywood I like to go up into the hills - just so you're away from traffic and smoke and smog. I love the beach, too."
Then there comes another Peter Noone when the bright boy gets to London-town. "When I'm in London I usually go out with two fellows, one called Norrie Drummond and one called Chris Cook. We go out all the time 'cause I have a good laugh with them.
"That's even different from everything else again, 'cause when I go out with them it's like I'm one of the lads. I know a lot of girls in London, but they're not really dates, just good friends."
Someday Peter will find "his kind of girl," one with intelligence, one that understands him. Until then he sums up saying, "I love all girls. Love 'em."

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