Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a little tailor named Genie, and she was very little and very funny. And one day she decided to go far off in the great bird in the sky to visit her cousins on the other side of the world, because their fame had spread far and wide.
    And so little teeny Genie went to the airline ticket counter and bought herself a ticket to Merrie Olde Englande, and went to bed that night dreaming of various Princes Charming such as Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Len Whiting, Peter Noone and Paul McCartney.
    When she reached London the birds were singing and the boys were smiling; it was summer and the warmest day was 50 degrees, a typical hot stuffy English summer. Being a clever girl, she said to herself, "Why not trip off down to the boutiques and see what the others

are doing? But where are they? Which ones should I visit first?"
    And, as if in answer to her prayer, PRESTO CHANGO MUMBO JUMBO, she didn't look where she was going (or maybe she did) and bumped right into Peter Noone!
    "Why, Peter, said Genie The English Tailor, "fancy meeting, or bumping into you here!" Peter just smiled, completely unfazed, incredibly astonished at the sight of so teeny a little American tailor who was his cousin (as all Americans are cousins of the English).
    "Let me be your guide," said Peter, and away they went, into the wild gray horizon. "I know a place," he said, "with wild and wonderful clothes and a car outside that's half-way stuck into the window," and so they arrived at "Granny Takes A Trip" on King's Road at the World End (really) in Chelsea in London.
    Genie tried on a Tunisan vest with gold emboidery that might have come from Afghanistan after all, and decided it was really her. "Waistcoat, not vest," said Peter.
    "Thank you, Peter," said Genie. In "Kleptomania," in Carnaby Street, it was so dark they could hardly see. Genie kept staring in the mirror at a face that looked remarkably like Len Whiting.

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