"RIDICULOUS! Why Should I Be Mature at my age?"
    That's Herman talking and he's in the middle of a big controversy. Suddenly, people are trying to make Herman grow up and he's very happy being the way he is.
    "I don't claim to be serious-minded or full of responsibility so why all of a sudden doeseveryone want me to act my age, whatever that means?"
    Of all the top entertainers on the scene today, Herman's the most care-free. His every gesture tips off his age as being younger than his 18 years. "I like to have fun," Herman laughs. "I'm not sophisticated and probably never will be. It's a giggle to do the things I do and I hope they can go on for a very long time."
    Herman's tousled hair and sly smile have endeared him to everyone he's met here in America. Even the hard-to-impress Ed Sullivan admitted he got a huge kick out of Herman. "He's unique," Sullivan said. 'His songs are fun and the audience picks up his message."
    Herman's not practical and doesn't worry about practical things. He's forgetful, but doesn't try to be. He's not moody . . . having a perpetual laugh inside him . . . but he can be a problem to those around him if his mind starts whirling around in mid air about some new idea he's just received.
    "That's one thing about Herman," a friend relates, "he's got a quick mind. He gets an idea and he's off on some new kick. This is probably why he really doesn't want a whole lot of responsibility right now. Like Herman says, he's not ready for marriage, yet. He doesn't really know what he wants. He's got lots of time for that in the future."
    With all the other English groups currently popular, it's quite a switch that Herman is the only celeb among all of them that has stirred up such a controversy. Perhaps it's because Herman appears to be more like any young teenage boy. His hair really isn't that long and his clothes aren't really that different. When he talks he comes off as a nice, wholesome boy without any affectation about him. But he comes off young be-cause he is young.
      "It's stupid to compare Herman with any one of the Beatles or the Stones," a New York record promoters state "Herman's much younger. These other celebrities are grown men.
    Give Herman a few years and he'll be more mature. Right now I think it's pretty refreshing in the midst of so many older entertainers."
    "Herman has an important position to uphold," insists another of his fans. "He shouldn't keep playing the coy little boy. After all he's nearly twenty. He should begin acting his age.
    When he does a TV show our parents are watching and they wonder why we go for these silly entertainers. When Herman starts getting cute and acting so young. they lose respect for him and then in return for us.
    "Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking Herman. I love him. But I do think he should start getting more serious about everything. You can't be young forever."
    Laughingly. Herman answers his fans by saying. "I'm grateful for the fans who are interested in me. I think they're the greatest friends a guy can have. I hope I'll be worthy of their respect and will do everything in my power to please them. But I'm not going to try to change my personality or my way of life just flow. I'm having too much fun."
    Not everyone of his fans is worried about Herman growing up. Alice Harvey of Oakland, California. has this to say: "I've heard other kids complain about Herman. but these are the same kids who knock Ringo because he got married or knock the Rolling Stones because they speak their minds. Frankly. I don't think it's anyone's business what Herman does about growing up. lie's fine the way he is. But you can't please everyone and I'm sure Herman knows this."
    Nothing pleases Herman any more than being able to play a joke on someone or enjoy a good joke that's played on him. When Herman 5 around there's always some fun going on and this is the way it's going to stay . . . at least until Herman grows up. Frankly, let's hope this doesn't happen for a long, long time.


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