1. I like the top of a hill on a windy day in Los Angeles when you can see for just miles and miles and miles. It's the greatest feeling to be on top of the world.
  2. I love listening to the music of Montavanni because it quiets me down. When I'm nervous it calms me. I also enjoy his music when I'm in a kind of thoughtful, what you'd call day dreamy mood.
  3. I enjoy speaking French. It's a very musical language and to me it sounds the best. I think that if I had to pick one language to speak it would be French for that reason.
  4. I love beautiful things like flowers. Once someone gave me a red carnation with a very long stem. It was beautiful. Later on I found the stem was broken off all short and the flower was all crushed up. I don't understand how people can be so unfeeling to beautiful things. I can't understand the kind of person who would destroy something beautiful like that.
  5. I like the name Festerbester Tester because it really appeals to me - just really a great name, don't you think?
  6. I love my two little sisters, they're the most beautiful little girls in the world.
  7. My favorite comic strip character is probably Andy Capp. . . just so fantastic. I'd like to meet him that is, if it were possible.
  8. I'd like to see into other eras of history and be able to come back again. I'd just like to see what everything was like.
  9. I love the atmosphere in Japanese restaurants. They're sort of quaint and simple. You can relax in them. They knock me out.
  10. I love the color blue. I don't know why, I just do, especially light blues.
  11. Oh, the snow in Green Bay, Wisconsin really knocked me out during our Christmas tour. It was my first Christmas away from home and there was about six inches of snow. It reminded me of home.
  12. I like playing chess by a fire on a cold night. I hardly get the chance to play. I have a set at home, it's a fantastic chess set my family bought me for Christmas. It's got really big pieces, like about five or six inches high. It's really great!
  13. I love riding horses when I get the chance. I used to ride a lot when I was very young. An Irish girl taught me how to ride when I was about seven.
  14. I love to just sit and think things out sometimes. I may get hung-up when I don't get a chance to think things out or think about things that I'd like to think about.
  15. To me my family is very valuable. We're very close. Besides being alive, I think my family is the dearest thing to me.
  16. Besides my family, my friends are some of my favorite people. They understand me and to me understanding is the true basis of a friendship.
  17. I love being able to talk late into the night about life and beauty and things like that.
  18. One of my favorite things is an old watch I wear. It's gold and hangs from a chain. I love old things, they seem to give me a link with the past. I think that a link with the past is very important to people who are in the entertainment business because the life we lead is always for the here and now. We need something solid to hang onto and the past is a very solid sort of thing. You see, basically we are a very insecure type of people because of the life we lead. The past helps us grab hold of ourselves. The past is very dear to me.
  19. One thing I've got that's really sort of weird and I love it is, it says January 23rd, 1884 and inside it says in French, "Notre amour et au ciel" which means "Our Love is in the sky". It's a Victorian Mourning ring. What they used to do in Victorian times was when people died, they used to have this ring and when the person died the wife or daughter used to have a ring made up and they used to wear the ring until they themselves died and then it would be passed on. They used to hand it down, you see - a family sort of thing. This one that Ive got must have only been worn for about five days because when I got it, it looked sort of very new. It's very weird and it kind of links one with the past.
  20. I love music, it's my hobby. It's always been my hobby - music. I also love life. To me the word love means life - living. I think that the worst possible thing that could happen to me would be to die. I'd like to carry on like I'm doing now and just live and have a good time and learn as much about life as I can.

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