Herman is the only light haired singer
lately to really fit the "Star label.
Only two really huge rock stars have sun colored tresses-Peter Tork and Herman. Is it because they seem to give a picture of thoughtfulness, gentleness and a rather dreamy disposition? Do they seem too frail, too light-headed to become huge stars?
No one can really say for certain, of course, but just try and think of popular rock singers or movie stars with blond hair. The list isn't too long: Brian Jones, Chris Hillman, Bobby Hatfield, Paul Revere, Steve Stills, Keith Relf Then there's Jon Provost, Kurt Russell, Ben Murphy, Lee Michaels and finally, Dino Martin.
Dino is a study in hair color and popular public whims. Dino, a brunet by birth, had to bleach his hair white blond for his role in 'A Boy, A Girl!' It looked very polished-but fans hated it! Letters, phone calls and other forms of complaint poured in. The major gripe seemed to be that Dino's blond hair is phony. The public, apparently, doesn't like put-ons.

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