As Fletcher's book reveals
Moon's drumming with the Who may have at times bordered on artless, raw aggression, but his insistence on burning, bombing, flooding, dismantling and ejecting the entire contents of practically every hotel room he ever stayed in was high art.
Surprisingly, it was members of the extremely pleasant Herman's Hermits (with whom the Who toured America in 1965) who were responsible for a major technological advancement in Moon's hotel demolition tactics. The Hermits, who had toured extensively in the U.S., knew that the deep south was the place to buy the fireworks which were illegal in the rest of the nation. Presumably unaware of the beast they were unleashing, the Hermits introduced Moon to the cherry bomb. Before a show in Birmingham, Alabama, Moon bought about a dozen cherry bombs and tried them out on the toilet in his hotel room. Moon and bandmate bassist John Entwistle had hoped to flush one of the bombs, sending it to explode in the pipes, thus avoiding blame for the incident. However, the bomb swirled in the toilet bowl without flushing and seconds later the bathroom erupted in shards of porcelain. Of course Moon had to pay for the damages, which would become the pattern: no matter how much money the Who made, Moon never had enough due to his enormous booze, drug and hotel bills.