Herman of Herman's Hermits, and folk singer Donovan, together with the Yardbirds, the Animals, the Who and the Merseybeats met in Carnaby Street on Wednesday (1-9-65) with one aim in mind - total destruction of the Bowler Hat! Lord John, of Carnaby Street has started a nation-wide campaign designed at ridding this country of the terror of the bowler hat which, he says, "presents the wrong image to overseas buyers, and as a result, tends to harm the export of clothing." He has just returned from the International Fashion Fair in Cologne. As part of the campaign he is having car stickers with "I am a Bowler Hater" on them. He is also sending out questionaires.

P.S. Herman of the Hermits prepares to swop his bowler for a blue cavalry hat.
DM:U7749/3                             2nd September 1965

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