Celebrating here today is 18-year-old PETER BLAIR NOONE - better known in Pop Music World as HERMAN of the Herman's Hermits fame. He has just signed to a big film and disc deal with his hit-making Manchester based group.

Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, announced in New York today that they have "entered into a seven-figure multiple deal, in excess of one million dollars, with Herman's Hermits which encompasses motion pictures and recordings."

MGM went on to say that "the Hermits will be starred in a number of motion pictures for MGM". Their first film, Hold On, is "scheduled for general release this summer."

Alo under consideration as a vehicle in A Day At The Races, originally made by the Marx Brothers.

Herman became known to millions of TV fans as Len Fairclough's son in Coronation Street.

22nd June, 1966-pn-on

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