Herman and his Hermits are about to make a small fortune . . . to the tune of 43,000. But this latest offer to appear for a month in Las Vegas where all the big stars hope to go when they're alive has got them scared. "I would rather die right here in Manchester now than on the stage in Las Vegas," Herman said. "We will all have to work and rehearse very hard for this engagement. In fact, we might make a quick tour of Australia before we dive in the deep end at Las Vegas." This is unusual modesty from a youngster who has travelled over 250,000 miles with the Hermits - around the world twice, twelve trips to America last year, and quick in and out engagements in the Argentine and Brazil. To say nothing about their record sales running into the millions. "People in Las Vegas don't come to scream they come to listen," he explained. "And they are out of their teens." To learn more about the out-of-their teens audiences the Hermits have been appearing in clubs in the North of England and Midlands.

PS: Herman with his wife, Mireille.

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