HERMAN'S HERMITS: * My Sentimental Friend (Columbia)

SEEMS that Herman can do no wrong with the fans these days, and it would be a major surprise if one of his discs failed to get into the Chart. And if my ear for a commercial song is any yardstick, he's on to a racing certainty with this one.

    It's a bit of a change of style for Herman, in that this is a lilting and melodic ballad, tenderly and expressively warbled by the lad - and with the Hermits providing instrumental support, augmented by a lush string section.
    It's soothing, flowing and immensely hummable - and the treatment is relaxing to a certain degree.
    Written by the Carter-Stephens team, it was originally submitted for the "Song for Europe" contest, but didn't make the short list.
    But far from being frustrated, the composers should have the last laugh.